About us: Garment Jobs

Garment Jobs, which is a job site for the so-called not so educated ones but who are skilled in garment sectors. We always see banners flying by every factory gate for the job circulars, as these garment workers don’t have a presence on the online portals, so we want to give a presence for them. A worker who is working in a sweater factory in Ashulia doesn’t know what good offering is empty in Gazipur or Savar because the worker doesn’t have time to look for circulars manually by walking to the factory gates because he is working from 7 a.m. and finishing at 7 p.m.

Getting a job can be difficult at times due to all of the competition out there that is waiting for you to mess up and forget to apply for the right position. It is a dog eat dog world where anyone who is looking to succeed must do so quickly and by using any and every connection they have to the person who is hiring people in the first place. Doesn't seem fair, right? Well, now there is a way for you to fight back with Garment Jobs. This is an online job portal that is intended for all those in the garment industry so that they can get the leg up they deserve.

You have to understand, first of all, that working in the clothing industry – no matter where you do that – is a hard job. There is a lot of competition and the person that is in the office next to you always will have different advantages than you. It's hard to break into the fashion industry, then, no matter how you want to think about it. Thus, Garment Jobs offers all of those who need it a leg up. How do they do this, you ask? Here's how.

Meeting the right people means you have to go to the same places that they do. Make connections and get your name out to people with the online presence that are offered through Garment Jobs

Creating the perfect CV is a lot harder than it sounds. Whether you lack experience, education, or formatting skills, we are here to help you make sure that you have a killer CV to deliver to those in the industry through Garment Jobs . A well put-together CV is sure to impress anyone that wants to hire a professional.

The most important thing to know about Garment Jobs is that there is nothing else like it in the world. You will get the best professional service that you could hope for in all parts of your fashion loving career and you know that you are in the elite group that gets these privileges, too, because you are absolutely worth it, no matter who tells you otherwise.

Garment Jobs is new on the market and ready to impress you as you start or continue on your career path in the garment industry. You'll never cease to be amazed by the professional services offered with this online platform that is waiting to help you.


To help people in the industry of clothing with the use a portal of online jobs. Helping persons in need and with low rating to get a job and also factory owners to get workers with developable potential in the textile industry.


To be the online job portal of clothing that reaches to the most persons in need to get a job according to their skills.



We promote the welfare of all persons and respect their human rights. We feel satisfaction alleviating suffering and promoting human dignity. We feel that we are united to others.

Progress and Productivity

We believe that all human beings are able to develop personally. We also appreciate the progress and development of society and we know that we have the needed resources to contribute to that progress.

Technology and Systems

We believe that through Garment Jobs we facilitate and improve the business of our clients. We value the technology and systems as a way to achieve a more successful and efficient business.