Privacy Policy: Garment Jobs

We take the privacy of our users very seriously.

We value the trust that our job seekers place in us to help them find jobs, and our employers place in us to help them find great candidates. To maintain that trust we invest significant resources to protect your personal data, and are always guided by our privacy values.

In particular, we endeavor to:

  • treat all our users equally by providing a broad suite of privacy rights to all our users, which means that any user of the Site can get:

    • access to their personal data;
    • deletion of their personal data;
    • a portable version of their personal data; and
    • restriction of or objection to certain processing of their personal data;
  • adhere to a policy of privacy by design and default in how we build and operate our services;
  • be transparent with you about what personal data we collect, how it’s processed;
  • ensure that personal data we gather from you will primarily be used for the purposes of helping our job seekers find jobs, helping our employers find great candidates, and improving the services we provide to you;
  • limit our collection and storage of your personal data to what’s adequate, relevant and necessary;
  • keep your personal data accurate and up to date, where appropriate;
  • process your personal data in a manner using appropriate security and confidentiality measures; and
  • demonstrate accountability with respect to our responsibilities under applicable privacy laws.